GUIDELINE zur Nutzung der OeKS15-Klimawandelsimulationen



These climatological reference data are available via the CCCA data center for the Climate and climate impact research freely accessible. The Guideline is intended to increase the resilience and robustness of these data packages. In addition, it provides general information on climate modeling, which explains the limitations of the applicability of the data sets, to makes them comprehensible to the user and provides assistance with recurring questions concerning the use of model and observation data.

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GeoSphere Austria
CCCA Data Centre
Barbara Chimani (ZAMG ROR )
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
15.02.2024 12:26 UTC
Bounding Box: 46.431816 - 49.039074 °N, 9.47997 - 16.979668 °E
The data contained in this dataset was first published through the Climate Change Centre Austria Data Centre (CCCA-DC). Due to the decommissioning of the CCCA-DC, the data was transferred to the GeoSphere Austria Datahub in 2024. During the transfer, the granularity and structure of the metadata were adjusted in accordance with the dataset's authors to meet the requirements of the GeoSphere Austria Datahub. The data itself remained unchanged. For further inquiries, please contact datenzentrum@ccca.ac.at.